Private Commuter Shuttle Service

As companies compete to attract and retain high value employees, one perk has emerged as indispensable to thousands of workers – corporate charter shuttles. Pioneered by likes of Google, Gentech, and Apple, using a corporate charter as a private commuter shuttle service is an invaluable tool for retaining and recruiting top talent in Seattle and the Eastside.

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Initially designed to replace scores of van pool vehicles in company parking lots, private commuter shuttle service has evolved from a simple transportation solution into a powerful recruitment tool as well as corporate statement for sustainability and quality of life.

One factor preventing employers from recruiting talented workers is the time and expense associated with their daily commute. The cost of gas, tolls, and parking continuing to rise along with longer commutes due to increased congestion. Even the most competitive employers will find it hard to land top talent from outer lying areas. Private commuter shuttle service helps reduce this friction by eliminating or reducing the cost of commuting, shortening commute times and providing a convenient, safe alternative to the single occupancy commute. Modern coaches are equipped with state of the art technology like mobile broadband, satellite TV, and 110 volt outlets.  Amenities like spacious leather seating and desks elevate the coach from mere transportation into an efficient mobile office; transforming time spent sitting in traffic into time spent answering email, taking care of personal business or networking with co-workers.

We’ve operated daily commuter service for Philips Electronics and Lufthansa Airlines over the past 6 years, so we understand the challenges intimately and have the knowledge to deliver world class corporate charter service.

  • Wifi enabled riders
  • Employees arrive rested
  • Keep high value employees
  • Shorter commute times
  • Reduced stress healthier life
  • Emergency ride home
  • Reduce CO2 output
  • Coaches more efficient
  • Carpooling
  • Cloud based arrival times
  • Automated text alerts
  • Makes scheduling easier
  • Real data smart routes
  • Database for analytics
  • Subsidized services

Other challenges that can be solved with private commuter shuttle service include

  • Accommodating a growing workforce with limited parking space
  • Expanding company footprint by utilizing existing parking space
  • Meeting environmental goals and governmental mandates.

Beeline can design and manage a comprehensive commuter program customized around your company’s unique demands and budget.

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Commuter Shuttle Service in Seattle