Rainforest Safaris

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Price: $105.00 per person
Length of excursion: 12 hrs
Time schedule: 7:00am – 7:30pm
Excursion includes: 6-Person minimum

Beeline Tours welcomes you to spend a day with us on a journey of remarkable discovery. As we lead you on a guided hike through one of natures most spectacular settings. Enjoy a tranquil picnic lunch among ancient trees and pristine nature. Listen closely as our knowledgeable naturalist reveals the secrets of the forest.

Have your camera ready! Wild life is everywhere and if you’re lucky you may capture a picture of a Roosevelt Elk. If Giant trees are your thing, why not hug the World’s largest Sitka Spruce which is some 48 feet in circumference or maybe walk inside a 2000 year old Cedar tree for a unique perspective. You can spend time relaxing next to a cascading waterfall or hop in a canoe for a paddle around the lake; these are just some of the many ways to spend your free time while visiting the greenest place on earth the Quinalt Rainforest.

Optional Activities available at additional cost to guest may include:
*Salmon Fly Fishing
*requires guest to skip guided hike
Note: all other activities can take place during freetime

7:00am – Depart Hotel
10:15am – Arrive Rain forest
10:30am – Hike begins
12:30pm – End of guided hike/Good time for lunch

Free time to pursue other activities

4:00pm – Depart rainforest
7:00pm – Arrive Seattle

Group Tours are currently available for private groups only.