Tips for Choosing a Seattle Charter Bus Rental

Private tours, school field trips, or group events such as conferences and conventions are all worthy time investments that are worth traveling for — but if the journey to the final destination is uncomfortable or chaotic, the overall experience is tainted.

When it comes to group travel, every step of the trip counts toward making (or breaking) good memories and positive experiences. Yes, even the transportation methods you choose can impact each participant’s impression.

Opting for a private bus or coach ensures everyone in your party arrives safe and satisfied — whether you need to shuttle a guestlist of VIPs to that annual tech summit, chaperone a class museum trip, or organize an impressive group tour that pulls out all the stops.

Of course, not all chartered coach and bus rental providers are created equal. Here are the top three tips to keep in mind to ensure success when choosing a charter bus rental company in Seattle and beyond.

1. Go with a local company

National bus brokers tend to inflate rental prices. Many national services often charge as high as 20 to 40 percent more than independent operations. Seattle enjoys a strong and reputable community of independent businesses, so while you’re here, choose a local bus rental company. In addition to saving on transportation, you’ll be in good hands with a local driver who knows the roads and surrounding areas.

2. Check out the company’s safety rating

Once you’ve narrowed down your options to a few local companies, check off the most important factor first: safety. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration maintains an online database of passenger carrier safety ratings. You can search by company name, zip code, state, vehicle type, or USDOT Number and browse information about licensing and insurance type, crash history, registration details, and penalty history. The website suggests taking the published details with a grain of salt, but it can be worth referencing as you gather relevant information to help make an informed final decision.

3. Browse the company’s Google Reviews

Finally, just as you might for a restaurant, doctor’s office, or other service provider, reference the feedback left on the company’s Google Reviews page. Real customer impressions can serve as cautionary tales or affirming experiences as you gauge a rental company’s quality.

Wrap up your research via Google or through other trusted review platforms, speak with a company representative about any remaining questions, get a quote, and you’re ready to book your Seattle bus rental before your group embarks on a safe and comfortable journey!