Wet Your Whistle Tour

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Price: $55.00 per person
Length of excursion: 4 hrs
Time schedule: 10:00am Monday thru Friday only
Excursion includes: free Cup of Coffee, Beer sampler & Wine tasting.

Seattle is a coffee Mecca and nowhere else in North America do people drink more of it than here. Coffee, Beer & Wine define Northwest culture as much as the great outdoors, Boeing, & Microsoft. This tour begins with a stop at a local coffee roasting plant for a guided tour explaining the process of achieving gourmet coffee from the bean to the brim and for those interested complimentary cups of coffee will be served at the end of the tour.

After the coffee stop, we will make our way over to the brewery for an inside look at the brewing process from one of the top brewermasters in the Northwest. When finished touring the brewery, we will head over to the pub for a hands on tasting of the different styles of fresh beer.

Next stop, Ste. Michelle Winery, with consistent ratings above 90 from Wine Spectator this winery has distinguished itself as a world-renowned producer of fine wine. The winery is located on beautifully keep grounds and the landscape architecture provides a serene environment for short walks. After a short tour & tasting will head back to downtown Seattle where the tour gracefully ends.

Group Tours are currently available for private groups only.